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* LAUGFS Power to invest Rs 3.5 bn to produce 20 MV solar power

Dec 10 (DN) LAUGFS Power Ltd a subsidiary of LAUGFS Gas PLC, will invest a further Rs. 3.5 billion until 2020 to add 20 MV of solar power to the national Grid. LAUGFS Power engaged in renewable energy solutions with mini hydro power (since 2014)
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* Roger the kangaroo: Enormous roo dies aged 12

Dec 10 (BBC) Roger, a kangaroo who won global fame for his enormous size and impressive physique, has died at the age of 12. The roo was rescued as a joey after his mother was killed in a car accident, and grew up at the Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs in Australia.
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* Ambani-Piramal wedding: Beyoncé sings at A-list Indian event

Dec 10 (BBC) US singer Beyoncé has performed as part of the lavish festivities at the latest extravagant Indian celebrity wedding. Isha Ambani, the daughter of India's richest man, is tying the knot with Anand Piramal, son of another Indian billionaire, this week.
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* Yellow vest protests: France's Édouard Philippe seeks 'unity' after unrest

Dec 09 (BBC) French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe has vowed to "restore national unity" after violence broke out during a fourth consecutive weekend of protests. Police used tear gas and rubber bullets on Saturday - the latest day of "yellow vest" demonstrations against fuel tax rises and high living costs.
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