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* Pakistan Prez warns delay in Kashmir dispute could spell disaster

Feb 25 (ANI) Muzaffarabad- Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussain has warned that delay in the settlement of the Kashmir dispute could 'spell disaster for regional peace'. "The (Indian) occupation forces have employed every brute tactic to suppress the much so that the pellet guns meant for hunting wild animals have also been ceaselessly used by them on the innocent and unarmed people of Kash­mir,
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* Mexico warns US over border wall funding

Feb 25 (BBC) Mexico has warned the US against imposing a unilateral tax on Mexican imports to finance a border wall, saying it could respond in kind. Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray said the government could place tariffs on selected goods from US states reliant on exports to Mexico. Earlier, US President Donald Trump vowed to start building the wall "soon, way ahead of schedule".
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* Kim Jong-nam killing: 'VX nerve agent' found on his face

Feb 24 (BBC) Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of North Korea's leader, was killed by a highly toxic nerve agent, says Malaysia. Mr Kim died last week after two women accosted him briefly in a check-in hall at a Kuala Lumpur airport. Malaysian toxicology reports indicate he was attacked using VX nerve agent, which is classified as a weapon of mass destruction by the United Nations.
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* Olathe shooting: India shocked after national killed in US

Feb 25 (BBC) India has expressed shock after the fatal shooting of an Indian national in the US, amid reports that the attack may have been racially motivated. Srinivas Kuchibhotla died shortly after Wednesday's attack at a bar in Olathe, Kansas. His friend Alok Madasani, also from India, and an American were hurt. Adam Purinton has been charged with premeditated first-degree murder.
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* Trump repeats call for US nuclear supremacy

Feb 24 (BBC) President Donald Trump has said he wants the United States to expand its nuclear arsenal, in his first comments on the issue since taking office. Mr Trump said it would be "wonderful" if no nation had nuclear arms, but otherwise the US must be "top of the pack". He told Reuter that the US had "fallen behind on nuclear weapon capacity".
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