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* Florida school shooting: Students to march on Washington

Feb 18 (BBC) Young survivors of Wednesday's school shooting in Florida have announced a national march on Washington to demand political action on gun control. Students organisers told US media that they were determined to make Wednesday's shooting a turning point in the national gun debate.
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* Sacred Tibetan monastery in Lhasa hit by fire

Feb 18 (BBC) A fire broke out at the most important shrine in Tibetan Buddhism - the Jokhang Monastery in Lhasa. Footage posted online showed flames billowing from the roof and what appeared to be at least one gutted pagoda.
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* New Zealand goose: How one blind bisexual bird became an icon

Feb 17 (BBC) A memorial is being held for a New Zealander who spent most of his life as a loving partner, caring father and an icon of the LGBT community. Thomas the goose died 6 February at almost 40 years old and is being buried beside his partner on Saturday.
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* Mexico earthquake: Helicopter crashes in emergency killing 14

Feb 18 (BBC) A helicopter carrying senior officials has crashed while they assessed damage from Friday's earthquake in Mexico, killing at least 14 including a baby. Mexico's interior minister and the governor of the south-west Oaxaca state were on board, but neither was hurt.
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* Russia-Trump inquiry: Russians charged over US 2016 election tampering

Feb 17 (BBC) Thirteen Russians have been charged with interfering in the US 2016 election, in a major development in the FBI investigation. Three of those named have also been accused of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and five have been accused of aggravated identity theft.
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