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* National Doral Miami: Trump Florida golf course to host G7 summit

Oct 18 (BBC) One of President Donald Trump's golf resorts in Florida will host the G7 summit next June, the White House says. White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney denied President Trump would profit from the event.
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* US diplomats held near Russian rocket test site

Oct 17 (BBC) Three US diplomats were taken off a train on Monday while heading to an Arctic city near the site of a military testing accident in northern Russia. The trio were bound for the port of Severodvinsk, where access is restricted for foreign nationals.
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* Saudi Arabia bus crash leaves 35 Arab and Asian expatriates dead

Oct 17 (BBC) Thirty-five foreign nationals have been killed and four others injured in a bus crash near the Muslim holy city of Medina in western Saudi Arabia. The bus collided with a "heavy vehicle" in al-Akhal Centre at 19:00 (16:00 GMT) on Wednesday, state media said.
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* Dark web child abuse: Hundreds arrested across 38 countries

Oct 17 (BBC) More than 300 people have been arrested following the take-down of one of the world's "largest dark web child porn marketplaces", investigators said. The site had more than 200,000 videos which had collectively been downloaded more than a million times.
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