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* India monsoon floods kill 73 in Kerala

Aug 16 (BBC) Flooding caused by heavy monsoon rains in the southern Indian state of Kerala has killed at least 73 people, shut down an airport and displaced more than 85,000 people, officials have said. The state government said many of those who died were crushed under debris caused by landslides.
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* Myanmar Rohingya: Facebook 'still hosts hate speech'

Aug 16 (BBC) More than 1,000 anti-Rohingya posts featuring calls for their murder among other hate speech were live on Facebook last week, according to Reuters. A probe by the news agency indicates that the network is still being used to encourage violence against the Muslim group in Myanmar despite the tech firm promising to tackle the issue.
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* Kabul suicide bomber kills 48 in tuition centre attack

Aug 16 (BBC) Forty-eight people have been killed and 67 injured in a bomb explosion at an education centre in Afghanistan's capital, Kabul, officials say. Police say a suicide bomber walked into the centre while teaching was under way and detonated his bomb belt.
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* Italy bridge: Rescuers search for survivors in Genoa

Aug 15 (BBC) Rescuers in the north-western Italian city of Genoa continue to search for possible survivors after the dramatic collapse of a motorway bridge. The interior minister said at least 35 people were killed when dozens of vehicles fell 45m (148ft).
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* Atal Behari Vajpayee: Former India PM dies at 93

Aug 16 (BBC) Former Indian prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee has died aged 93. He was being treated for age-related illnesses in Delhi's AIIMS hospital. Vajpayee was one of the founding members of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which currently governs India. Considered a giant of Indian politics, he served as prime minister three times between 1996 and 2004 and was instrumental in making India a global nuclear power.
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* New Zealand bans sales of homes to foreigners

Aug 16 (BBC) New Zealand's parliament has banned many foreigners from buying existing homes in the country - a move aimed at making properties more affordable. The ban only applies to non-residents. Australians and Singaporeans are exempt because of free-trade deals.
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* India-Pak security forces exchange sweet at Attari-Wagah border

Aug 15 (ANI) Border Security Forces (BSF) and Pakistani Rangers exchanged sweets at Wagah-Attari border to mark India's 72nd Independence Day. A wave of happiness and patriotism has run across the country, as people across the country can be seen hoisting the Indian flag and playing the National Anthem.
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