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* 27 killed as passenger van hits trailer in South Pakistan

Apr 20 (Xinhua) ISLAMABAD- At least 27 people were killed and 20 others injured when a passenger van hit a trailer in Pakistan's south Sukkur district on Sunday, local media reported. Samaa TV said that the fatal accident happened near Pano Akil town of the Sukkur, a district in the country's south Sindh province, when the van ran head-on into the trailer during the early hours of Sunday morning.
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* Angry South Korea families protest over slow ferry rescue

Apr 20 (BBC) Families of passengers on a sunken South Korean ferry have protested angrily over the rescue operation. Police stopped up to 100 people trying to leave Jindo island intending to march to the country's capital, Seoul. After more than three days, divers have now finally entered the ferry, retrieving 22 bodies and bringing the death toll to 54.
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* India-Bangladesh railway talks to boost connectivity

Apr 20 (PTI) DHAKA- India and Bangladesh will hold the annual railway talks here from Monday to undertake a complete review of railway cooperation between the two countries and ways and means to improve connectivity and services. The India-Bangladesh Inter-Governmental Railway Meeting (IGRM) will take on April 21-23 in Dhaka, Indian Embassy here said.
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* Lax laws help kidney racket thrive in south Asia

Apr 19 (TOI) HYDERABAD- Exploiting desperate patients in need of immediate kidney transplant and healthy individuals caught in financial hardships, an international organ trafficking mafia is luring people into buying and selling kidneys for huge amounts. The racket is thriving in South Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Singapore and Malaysia where laws against organ donation are not very stringent, police sources said.
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