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* Israel and Hamas agree to extend temporary truce

Nov 30 (Reuters) -Israel and Hamas struck a last-minute agreement on Thursday to extend their six-day ceasefire by at least one more day to allow negotiators to keep working on deals to swap hostages held in Gaza for Palestinian prisoners. The truce has allowed much needed humanitarian aid into Gaza after much of the coastal territory of 2.3 million was reduced to wasteland
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* US military aircraft with eight aboard crashes off Japan island

Nov 30 (BBC) A US military aircraft with eight people aboard has crashed off Yakushima Island in south-western Japan. Japan’s Coast Guard said one person had been found dead near the crash site. Japan’s NHK broadcaster said the CV-22 Osprey hybrid plane had been trying to land at Yakushima Airport with one engine on fire.
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* Missiles fired from Yemen toward US warship that responded to attack on commercial tanker

Nov 28 (CNN) Two ballistic missiles were fired from Houthi rebel-controlled Yemen toward a US warship in the Gulf of Aden, after the US Navy responded to a distress call from a commercial tanker that had been seized by armed individuals, the US military said Sunday.
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* Chinese military holds training drills near Myanmar border after convoy fire

Nov 26 (Reuters) - China’s military will begin "combat training activities" from Saturday on its side of the border with Myanmar, it said on social media, a day after a convoy of trucks carrying goods into the neighbouring Southeast Asian nation went up in flames. The incident, which Myanmar state media called an insurgent attack, came amid insecurity concerns in China
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* World’s ‘saddest’ elephant dies in Manila zoo

Nov 30 (BBC) An elephant christened by activists as one of the world’s "saddest" has died at a Philippine zoo, where she lived almost all her life alone in a pen. Tributes have poured in for Mali, who was the star attraction at Manila Zoo for four decades and much beloved.
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* Lightning and hailstorms kill 24 in western India

Nov 28 (BBC) At least 24 people have been killed by lightning and intense rain and hailstorms in India, officials said. The weather damaged houses and killed livestock across western Gujarat state. Storms are unusual in Gujarat during winter, meteorologists said, and the fierce downpour caught many off guard.
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* Pakistan shopping mall fire kills at least 10

Nov 26 (Reuters) - A fire tore through a shopping mall in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi on Saturday, killing 10 people. Geo News said the blaze started early in the morning at the multi-storey RJ shopping mall in Pakistans most populous city.
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