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* Philippines Duterte tells U.S. to forget about defense deal 'if I stay longer'

Oct 25 (Reuters) Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte hit out at the United States on Tuesday, saying he did not start a fight with Washington and it could forget about a military agreement between both countries if he were to be in power longer. Duterte said he was against the presence of any foreign troops in his country and the United States could "forget" an Enhanced Defence Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) with the Philippines, if he stayed longer, without elaborating.
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* Quetta attack: Militants kill dozens at Balochistan Police College

Oct 25 (BBC) At least 58 cadets and guards have been killed after militants attacked a police college in the Pakistani city of Quetta, officials say. Three militants wearing suicide bomb vests entered the college late on Monday, reportedly taking hostages. A major security operation lasted for hours and all attackers were killed.
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* China Yulin: Deadly explosion shatters buildings

Oct 25 (BBC) The death toll from a powerful explosion that destroyed buildings in the Chinese city of Yulin has risen to at least 10, with more than 150 people injured. There are reports of a large crater where a two-storey building once stood, and images show widespread damage, with rubble in the streets. The blast occurred Monday afternoon local time near a hospital.
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* Flightless Kiwi PM has to delay India visit after plane breaks down

Oct 24 (Reuters) New Zealand Prime Minister John Key had to delay a visit to India on Monday after his plane broke down en route in the north of Australia. “It is a little bit sub-optimal,” Mr. Key told reporters in the coastal city of Townsville in northeast Queensland. Planned meetings with Indian businessmen in Mumbai would be cancelled and the delegation would fly directly to New Delhi
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