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* India launches massive search operation for missing military plane

July 23 (BBC) An Indian military plane with more than 20 people on board has gone missing over the Bay of Bengal, the Indian air force (IAF) has confirmed to the BBC. The Antonov-32 transporter aircraft took off from Chennai (Madras) at 08:30 local time (03:00 GMT), bound for Port Blair in the eastern archipelago of Andaman and Nicobar. It was scheduled to land at 11:30.
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* India’s progress linked to that of its neighbours: Modi

July 22 (PTI) India’s progress is linked to that of all its neighbours, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday as he along with his Bangladesh counterpart Sheikh Hasina inaugurated Petrapole-Benapole land port which will serve as a key trade route between the two countries.
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* Hillary Clinton picks Senator Tim Kaine for running mate: Official

July 23 (CNA) WASHINGTON DC- Hillary Clinton on Friday (Jul 22) tapped Tim Kaine, a popular Spanish-speaking senator from the swing state of Virginia, to be her running mate in the White House showdown against Donald Trump. The pick comes three days before the start of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, where Clinton – and now Kaine – will be elevated as the nominees to the party's presidential ticket.
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* Nice truck attack: Five suspected accomplices charged

July 22 (BBC) Five suspects have appeared in court in France charged with terror offences in relation to the Nice truck attack. The four men and one woman, aged between 22 and 40, are accused of helping driver Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel prepare the terror attack. One of the suspects returned to the scene of the attack the following day to film the aftermath, French prosecutor Francois Molins said.
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