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* India, Pakistan border guards hold 2nd flag meeting in Kashmir

Aug 30 (Xinhua) SRINAGAR, Indian-controlled Kashmir- The border guards of India and Pakistan Friday held second commander- level flag meeting on international border (IB) in Kashmir aimed at defusing the tension in wake of heavy firing between the two sides during past several days, officials said. The flag meeting was held at Octrio border outpost in Suchetgarh belt of R S Pora along IB and lasted more than three hours, officials said.
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* Indian elephant creates own art

Aug 29 (BBC) Paintings by an Indian elephant have gone on sale at a gallery in the capital, Delhi, to help raise money to protect the endangered animals. Artist Alpana Ahuja said she had used bananas and other food to lure Phoolkali to create the artworks.
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* The winds of change: A special on climate change in Asia

Aug 30 (TST) Torrential rains recently left scores dead in Japan. Rising sea levels are destroying precious farmland in Vietnam and Bangladesh while in Bhutan, otherwise scenic mountain lakes are increasingly a menace. Ahead of a United Nations climate change summit next month, the Asia News Network looks at how these disparate symptoms are already taking their toll on countries in the region.
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* Pakistan military to mediate amid protest stand-off

Aug 29 (BBC) Pakistan's powerful army chief has stepped in to the political deadlock between the PM and two opposition figures leading huge anti-government rallies in the capital, Islamabad. Cleric Tahir ul-Qadri told thousands of his followers that General Raheel Sharif had asked to be given a day in which to mediate. His ally, cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan, echoed his comments.
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