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* Pakistan protest: Police hunt PM Imran Khan's nephew over deadly hospital riot

Dec 13 (BBC) Police in Pakistan say they are seeking to arrest PM Imran Khan's nephew for taking part in a violent protest at a hospital in which three patients died. Lahore police raided Hassan Niazi's residence and say he may now be hiding. Mr Niazi was among several hundred lawyers who ransacked a city hospital in a dispute with doctors.
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* General election 2019: Let the healing begin, urges PM after poll win

Dec 13 (BBC) Boris Johnson has said he hopes his party's "extraordinary" election win will bring "closure" to the Brexit debate and "let the healing begin". Speaking in Downing Street, he said he would seek to repay the trust placed in him by Labour supporters who had voted Conservative for the first time.
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* Bougainville referendum: PNG region votes overwhelmingly for independence

Dec 12 (BBC) The people of Bougainville, an island group in Papua New Guinea, have voted overwhelmingly for independence. Voters had two options - more autonomy, or full independence. Of the 181,000 ballots, almost 98% were in favour of independence.
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* White Island volcano: NZ to recover bodies despite danger

Dec 12 (BBC) New Zealand police say army troops will recover bodies from White Island - where a volcanic eruption killed at least eight people - on Friday morning. The recovery mission would go ahead despite the risk of another eruption, police said. "Today is less safe than yesterday, and the day before that,"
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* Key committee passes Trump impeachment charges

Dec 13 (BBC) The US House Judiciary Committee has approved two impeachment charges against President Donald Trump, moving the process towards a full House vote. The articles, backed by Democrats and opposed by Republicans, are expected to be voted on by the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives next week.
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* General election 2019: Voters head to polls across the UK

Dec 12 (BBC) The UK is going to the polls for the country's third general election in less than five years. The contest, the first to be held in December in nearly 100 years, follows those in 2015 and 2017.
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* Pakistan protest: Patients die as lawyers ransack Lahore hospital

Dec 12 (BBC) Three patients died when hundreds of lawyers attacked a hospital in Lahore during a furious dispute with doctors. Video showed the lawyers ransacking wards at the cardiac hospital, beating up staff and smashing equipment.
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