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* Sri Lankan Minister to speak on reconciliation in Houston

Aug 29 (CP) Houston, TX- Sri Lanka's Minster of National Languages and Social Integration Vasudeva Nanayakkara will deliver a speech in Houston, Texas on the reconciliation process in the country. Minister Nanayakkara, at the invitation of the Asia Society of Houston, will deliver a speech on 'Road Map to Healing and Reconciliation in Sri-Lanka', at the Asia Society's auditorium in Houston at 7:00 pm on October 8, 2014.
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* Sri Lankan court issues injunction against health workers' strike

Aug 29 (CP) Colombo- A Sri Lankan court today issued an injunction suspending the three-day long strike launched by the supplementary staff at the government hospitals. The Colombo District Court Judge Sujatha Alahapperuma today issued an enjoining order suspending the strike launched by the Joint Trade Union Federation of Professions Supplementary to Medicine (PSM) after considering a petition filed by a patient of the Colombo National Hospital.
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* Sri Lanka Tamil party ready to talk with the government

Aug 29 (CP) Colombo- Sri Lanka's major Tamil party, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) said that the party was ready to resume discussions with the government to reach a lasting solution to the ethnic crisis based on power devolution within a united Sri Lanka.
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* Sri Lanka declares national Dengue Prevention Week from September 10

Aug 28 (CP) Colombo- Sri Lanka Ministry of Health has declared the week from September 10-16 as a National Dengue Prevention Week to launch island wide cleaning campaigns for mosquito eradication as well as awareness campaigns.
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* Sri Lankan government appeals to supplementary health workers to return to work

Aug 28 (CP) Colombo- The Sri Lankan government today appealed to the striking supplementary medical staff in state hospitals to consider the inconvenience to the people caused by their continuing strike and return to work.
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* MPs’ shocking dereliction of duty: 200 out of 225 missing

Aug 29 (Island) Parliamentarians’ attendance has dropped sharply and Opposition members skip parliament even when important Bills were taken up. About 200 members representing both the government and the Opposition were absent when the vote on the Ocean University of Sri Lanka Bill was taken up on August 20.
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* A boon for over 2.7 m Divineguma beneficiaries

Aug 29 (DN) Over 2.7 million Divineguma beneficiaries will benefit from the Sahana Aruna credit scheme which is to be launched through the Divineguma community banks from September 1.
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* Sri Lanka gets own River Kwai bridge

Aug 29 (AFP) Now, 57 years after it was blown to smithereens, authorities in Sri Lanka plan to rebuild the Bridge on the River Kwai to assuage the anger among locals over a controversial dam project.
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* The Dying Tradition of Sri Lankan Stilt Fishing, Captured in Powerful Photos

Aug 29 (Wired) In Steve McCurry’s famous photo of Sri Lankan stilt fisherman, men sit perched far from shore atop crude crucifixes of sticks and twine, dangling fishing rods into schools of fish. The approach looks prehistoric, a common misconception.
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* Ranil-Sajith talks on next presidential election, not positions – Kabir Hashim

Aug 28 (Island) Amidst intense speculation that Sajith Premadasa would be re-appointed Deputy Leader of the UNP, Chairman of the party Kabir Hashim said yesterday that their focus was on uniting and strengthening the party with a view to winning not only the forthcoming Uva Provincial Council polls, but also the next Presidential election.
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* UPFA set for landslide in Uva

Aug 28 (DN) The UPFA will record a landslide victory at the forthcoming Uva Provincial Council Election, UPFA General Secretary Minister Susil Premajayantha said. Meeting the press at the SLFP headquarters in Colombo, the minister said the people are ready to vote for the Government to take the development program forward.
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* MP of Sri Lanka main opposition threatens to cross over to government

Aug 29 (CP) Colombo- A parliamentarian of Sri Lanka's main opposition United National Party (UNP) has threatened to cross over to the government. Sources close to the top leadership of the UNP said Colombo district MP Ravi Karunanayaka is likely to cross over the government if the party appoints Hambantota district MP Sajith Premadasa as the deputy leader.
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* U.S. support for new hospital in Sri Lanka's former war zone

Aug 29 (CP) Colombo- As part of a United States government program to support the Northern Provincial Council's work to expand medical services in the former conflict-affected areas of Sri Lanka's Northern Province, the U.S. has supported the construction of Poonakary Divisional Hospital In Kilinochchi district at a cost of US$ 517,000 (approximately Rs. 67 million).
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* Tough action against Sri Lankan rice traders hiding rice stocks

Aug 29 (CP) Colombo- Sri Lanka Consumer Affairs Authority announced Thursday that the rice millers are required to submit the records of their stocks to the Authority by September 15. The Authority said that private rice mills and stores would be raided after that day for hidden stocks and stern action would be taken against rice hoarders.
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* Norochcholai coal power plant will resume power generation today, Sri Lanka power authority says

Aug 28 (CP) Colombo- The problems at the Lakvijaya Coal Power Plant at Norochcholai have been rectified and the plant will resume power generation today, Sri Lanka's power authority, Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) says.
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* Sri Lanka's coal power plant down again

Aug 28 (CP) Colombo- Sri Lanka's China-built Lakvijaya Power Station in Norochcholai stopped power generation on Tuesday as the two 300 MW power generators developed technical problems. The Power generator of Phase 1 was shut down due to a technical problem developed when the engineers were trying to restore functioning of the Phase 2 generator, an official said.
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* Kites pose risk to BIA planes

Aug 29 (DM) Flying kites near the airport raises the possibility of airplane crashes, The Air Traffic Control (ATC) room of the Bandaranaike International Airport in Katunayake said. “We have a few reports of near misses, reported by pilots,” the ATC said.
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* Sri Lanka to launch online tracker to solve SME’s issues

Aug 29 (LBO) Sri Lanka is to launch an online support system focusing on the issues faced by the small and medium entrepreneurs in the island, Ministry of Industry and Commerce said in a media release.
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* Work with existing powers before devolution: Basil

Aug 28 (Hindu) The Northern Provincial Council (NPC) should work with existing powers before demanding further devolution, Sri Lanka’s Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa said on Thursday.
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* Sinhala colonisation a great worry for Tamils

Aug 28 (Hindu) The most urgent step necessary in Sri Lanka is to halt the Sinhala colonisation programme being implemented by the government to change the very identity of the traditional Tamil areas, Tamil National Alliance leader R. Sambanthan said on Wednesday.
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* Land seizure in Vavuniya, says BBS

Aug 28 (DM) The Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) today said that politicians were attempting to alter the diversity of population in Sri Lanka by backing the resettlement of one ethnic group in a specific area ignoring others. It also accused that Industry and Commerce Minister Rishad Bathiudeen was influencing Government officers in Vavuniya to evict Tamils from their lands to settle Muslims ignoring President’s orders.
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